Skills and Projects

Selected Skills

Languages: Python, Java, C/C++
Tools: Git/Github Desktop, VSCode, Eclipse, DigitalOcean, Jupyter Notebooks, Figma
Libraries/Frameworks: Pandas, NumPy, Flask, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Tensorflow (beginner)
Web Technologies: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.js, React (beginner)

Selected Projects

You can find all of my completed projects at my Github Page! Links to selected projects are hyperlinked within the title.

Multi Object Style Transfer

A project that aimed to extend neural style transfer using multiple styles to multiple objects identified in an input image using computer vision techniques, specifically the Detectron2 architecture. A quick demo can be found here.

Aggression Simulation

A simulation of how aggression affects survival within populations of doves and hawks. An extensive narrative of the simulation can be found within the Github page.

Space Invaders!

A fully interactive version of the classic Space Invaders game! In this game, you pilot a long battleship warding off hordes of enemies from your home planet.

Features include increasingly difficult levels, random powerups, a streak counter and abilities, random movement of enemy ships and lasers.